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When assets need to be sold and financial interests need to be protected, BCL Auction offers the most simple and successful asset recovery solutions for your business!

Contact us today to see how our proven platform of asset auction, appraisal and asset recovery services will guarantee the greatest return on your assets in St Louis, MO!

Auction News

  • Selling Your Business? Here are Three Services You May Need

    machinery and equipment appraisalIn this economy, it can be difficult for businesses to stay afloat. Many business owners find themselves behind on bills or even going into some serious debt. As a result, bankruptcies, bank foreclosures, and outright sales are becoming increasingly common.

    If this is the situation you've found yourself in, however, know that you're not alone and that there are resources available to help you deal with your business's closure. Before you consider selling on your own, use this three-step guide to help you with the particulars of your sale.

    Work out the financial details. 
    Businesses close for a variety of reasons. In some cases, where a business has gone bankrupt, business liquidation auctions are needed and would be handled by a lender. If you have a situation that requires you to pay back a lender once the business is sold, you may need to work through a third party that will protect your interests. Make sure that you know the financial gains and risks of selling off your business before you make any plans.

    Get a machinery and equipment appraisal for your assets. 
    No matter which type of business you had, there's a chance that you'll need machinery and equipment appraisals for your business's items. These appraisals can vary, however, so make sure you work with an appraiser with knowledge of your industry. For example, a restaurant will need to have all appliances and other kitchen supplies appraised, so it's necessary to work with someone who understands what these items do and how much they're worth. A construction company in need of machinery and equipment appraisal would likely use a heavy equipment appraisal specialist to help them prepare for an auction.

    Maximize your return with an auction. Selling your assets on your own can be difficult, so sometimes it's best to work with a company that specializes in business auctions. For a quicker sale, you may want to consider working with a company that will hold an online auction in order to get worldwide exposure for your sale. Because online auctions can allow viewing 24/7, they remove the time constraints and scheduling problems that traditional auctions can have. Greater exposure and more participation means more potential bids for you.

    Need more advice on selling your business? Talk to your lenders, appraisers, and auction specialists. By using these services, you can ensure that the potentially lengthy and stressful process of selling a business goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Global Pyrotechnic Solutions has Closed & everything will be Auctioned Online!

    This state of the art, world renown Fireworks Manufacturing Facility has closed and BCL Auction will be selling all of the assets over the course of 4 online auctions now through November 4th. The 1st Auction, which features more than 400 Lots of Construction Equipment, Storage and Shipping equipment, closes on Monday, October 6th beginning at 8PM CST. images This 1st auction is open for bidding to everyone and a Public Inspection has been scheduled from 11AM-2PM on October 6th. Online Bidding is easy & fun!  Global Shipping will also be available. Bid Now on the GPS Construction Equipment Auction that's listed on our Current Auctions Page.

  • 4 Online Auctions Ending this Week at BCLAuction.com!

    online auction. Don't Miss the Great Auction this Week at BCLAuction.com! Monday's Auction features "Like New" Equipment & Furnishings from the Organic Smoothie Cafe in the Central West Ends in St. Louis, MO. Tuesday's Auction features almost 200 Items from a local Bakery & Cafe. Wednesday evening Brand New Furniture, Home Goods, Pool Tables, Computers & TVs will be auctioned in the "Luxury Home Furnishings" Auction that will begin closing at 8PM and last but not least, on Thursday evening, hundreds of items from Marble Topped Bathroom Vanities to school supplies will be auctioned to the highest bidders from this major retailer's overstocked items! Bid Now at BCLAuction.com & don't miss the Public Inspections from 11AM-2PM on each Auction Closing Day!

  • Central West End Cafe Closed & their Like New Restaurant Equipment & Furnishings are being Auctioned ONLINE Monday, Sept. 29th beginning at 8PM!

    Don't miss this opportunity to buy Like New Equipment, Furnishings & Supplies for your Restaurant at AUCTION PRICES! organic smoothie Click on the "Organic Smoothie & Cafe" Auction Now and place your winning bids on a Hood System, Walk-In Cooler, Espresso Machine, Coffee Grinder, Ice Machine, Stainless Steel Prep Tables & Equipment Stands, Refrigeration, Vitamix Blenders, Seating & Much More!  Bid Now at BCLAuction.com

  • Closer than ebay & Safer than Craigslist!

    Whether it's one item, several items or an entire business, BCL Auction makes Selling at Auction easy and profitable! 2013.6.24-Sell-350x350 Each of our Online Auctions receives over 40,000 Page Views, which means your Items receive Maximum Exposure to our Bidders around the World...Maximum Marketing means top dollar for you! Contact us today if you're ready to turn those items you no longer need into CASH!

  • Brand New Furniture, Decor & Electronics being Auctioned Online in October!

    furniture auctions by BCLAuction comThe month of October features over 400 Lots of Brand New Furniture & Decor including Bar Furnishings, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, Mirrors, Vanities, Patio Sets, TVs, Sound Bars, All in One Computers, Appliances,  Sporting Goods & Much More! Check out the "Luxury" & "Premier" Home Furnishings Auctions on October 1st & October 14th.  More Coming Soon!