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When assets need to be sold and financial interests need to be protected, BCL Auction offers the most simple and successful asset recovery solutions for your business!

Contact us today to see how our proven platform of asset auction, appraisal and asset recovery services will guarantee the greatest return on your assets in St Louis, MO!

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  • The New Overstock Inventory Auction Ends Tonight!

    Overstock InventoryPlace your Winning Bids Now on Electronics, Furniture, Decor, Cleaning Supplies, Medical Supplies, Paint, a Stainless Steel Refrigerator, Tools & More!  Lots begin closing at 8PM CDT on Tuesday, July 22nd in St. Louis, MO.

  • Are you a Competition BBQ Chef? Check out this BBQ Grill on a Trailer that is up for Auction!

    T2400-1 Hurry! Bidding for this ends on Monday, July 21st at 8PM CDT!  Bid now at BCLAuction.com and Sign up for Email Alerts so you don't miss any of the great auctions that BCL Auction hosts every week!  Good Luck!

  • Take Caution Before You Auction

    auction liquidation servicesOver the past five years, the U.S. e-commerce and online auction liquidation services industry grew by an estimated 10.3% annually. That percentage is a massive increase and allows us to infer that the industry will only continue to grow in the upcoming years. In 2002, online auctions were expected and projected to account for 30% of all online e-commerce due to the rapid expansion of the popularity of the form of electronic commerce. Today, there are an estimated 131,447 online auction liquidation services and e-commerce businesses located in the United States alone. At this point, you may or may not be familiar with one or many of the popular, mainstream online auction liquidation services available for the public’s use. Approximately 26%, or more than a quarter, of internet users in the United States have participated in an online auction. As with most things, there are, of course, pros and cons to the world of e-commerce and online auctioning. Nonetheless, it is quite evident that this is an industry that shows no signs of settling nor diminishing. After all, the U.S. e-commerce and online auction industry generates an estimated $298 billion in revenue annually, with an estimated 266,052 people employed in the industry in the United States. Overall, the manifestation of online auction liquidation services has resulted with an enlarging and broadening of opportunities and capabilities of sellers and consumers. Online auctions have greatly increased the variety and selection of goods and services that can be bought and sold using auction mechanisms, giving users more options for retail liquidation and search platform. For instance, machinery and equipment appraisals, as well as a medical supply auction can all be found in the world of e-commerce. Online auctions allow sellers to auction off their goods to a global market, allowing for more exposure, a larger target audience, and farther reach. Lastly, online auctions can run 24/7 until the end date, unlike traditional auctions that have time constraints.

  • This Auction has a Beautiful Pool Table! Bidding Ends Tuesday, July 29th!

    Click on the Luxury Home Furnishings Auction in our Current Auction Calendar to Bid!T1-1 (1) Here are the Specs: SLATE POOL TABLE WITH DOUBLE CENTER AND CROSS BEAM CONSTRUCTION
    SIZE 8' W/ 1.25" SLATE

  • We’re Auctioning Brand New Luxury Furnishings for Your Home! Bid Now!

    You're going to love these auctions that we'll be hosting on a regular basis featuring beautiful, high end Home Furnishings!  Most of them are Brand New, still in the Box, other items have been used only in the Staging of New Homes by Interior Decorators! Take a Look & Have Fun!  This first auction ends on Tuesday, July 29th.

  • 400 Brand New Items just Posted for the Overstock #9 Auction!

    Bid Now on over 400 Items of Brand New Merchandise! T4001-1Bidding ends on Tuesday, July 22nd and Preview is Open to the Public on the same day from 11AM-2PM.  Enjoy the Auction!