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When assets need to be sold and financial interests need to be protected, BCL Auction offers the most simple and successful asset recovery solutions for your business!

Contact us today to see how our proven platform of asset auction, appraisal and asset recovery services will guarantee the greatest return on your assets in St Louis, MO!

Auction News

  • 2011 Ford Transit Connect Van being Sold at Auction by BCLAuction.com

    T4211-1What a great opportunity to purchase this Cargo/Conversion Van for your Business or for Personal use! Here are the details, with Bidding and Photos at BCLAuction.com and click on the "Pairings Catering Auction." Year: 2011
    Make: Ford
    Model: Transit Connect
    Vehicle Type: Van
    Miles: 42,773
    Body Type: 4 Door Van; Cargo; Conversion
    Trim Level: XLT
    Drive Line: FWD
    Engine Type: L4, 2.0L
    Transmission: 4 speed Automatic / 4F27E
    VIN #: NM0LS7DN6BT053712
    Features and Notes: Runs well,  Clear Title, Small Dent on Front Bumper.

  • Dragon Palace is being Sold at Online Auction by BCLAuction.com

    Everything Must Go!  This auction includes Walk-Ins, Double Stack Convection Oven, New Freezer, Ice maker, Refrigeration, Prep Tables, Sinks, Small Wares, Seating, Lighting including Oriental Styles & a Brand New Pool Table, Brand New 50" LCD TV's and Brand New Neon Lights also MUST GO! Lots close at 8PM on Tuesday, September 16th!  Details at BCLAuction.com and click on the "Dragon Palace Restaurant Auction!"  Shipping and Delivery Available! chinese gardenT7A-1

  • Brand New Tools Being Auctioned in St. Louis, MO

    T45-1T21-1 Over 300 BRAND NEW Items being auctioned online to the highest bidders, regardless of price! Inventory Reduction of Einstein's Tools in Maryland Heights, MO. All bids start at $1.00! Details, photos and bidding at BCLAuction.com and click on the Einstein's Tool Auction that closes TONIGHT, September 15th beginning at 8PM! More of these auctions coming soon, so make sure to sign up for Email Auction Alerts on the home page of BCLAuction.com!

  • A Simple Guide to Buying and Selling in an Online Auction

    online auction.These days, everyone is familiar with online auctions thanks to sites like eBay. However, even the big auction houses, like Christie's and Sotheby's, have entered the arena of online auctions. Whether you're looking to buy a work of art or sell off your business, there are many benefits of participating in online auctions, whether you're looking to buy something or you have something of value to sell.

    If you are interested in buying something for your business, search your local area for business liquidations or online auctions.  Once you've found an online auction featuring items that you have interest in, the online bidding process is simple.  You will begin by registering with the online auction company.  This is typically done only once, as you will be able to use your assigned bidder number for future auctions with that auction company.  It's important that the auction company allows a time for a public physical inspection of the assets.  If you do not live near the auction location or do not have the time to attend the scheduled auction inspection, then you should carefully read all posted auction terms involving payment requirements, the item removal process and schedule and most importantly, the item descriptions, to ensure you're know exactly what you are placing a bid on.  It's important to check the online descriptions of your items for information relating to the condition, size and age of the item, if it is known. However, if the auction takes place somewhere close to you, always take advantage of viewing the items in person so that you can bid with confidence.  Remember, entering a bid online is a binding contract, so reputable online auction companies will spend great resources to provide the most accurate information available to them.

    Sometimes an online auction will also include "live" webcast bidding and audio, which gives online buyers the opportunity to watch and listen to the auctioneer as items are being auctioned off.  With both online auctions and online webcast auctions, registered online participants place bids by simply entering the minimum and maximum dollar amounts for each item they're interested in.  If you have been outbid on item, the auction software should be sophisticated enough to notify you, allowing you the opportunity to continue competing for the item by placing a higher bid.  Once the auction ends, If you are the successful bidder, you will be notified by email as soon as the last lot has closed.  Typically, payment is expected immediately by the credit or debit card you registered with. Congratulations on your purchase!

    If you are looking to sell your assets, the online auction company that you choose should offer a comprehensive list of services to make this process very easy for you, as well.  It is also beneficial to choose an experienced auctioneer that is also a Certified Appraiser.  This credential is important so that you will be advised of the market value of your assets and/or heavy equipment that you are selling.

    If you're business has closed, you're probably receiving advice from a business attorney; in cases involving bankruptcy, there may be more legal counsel involved. It is important to choose an auction liquidation company that is experienced in working with and communicating on your behalf with legal counsel, landlords, bankruptcy judges, bankers and other parties of interest.  A seasoned auctioneer will assist in mediating on your behalf and streamlining the process for you.

    In summary, there are many benefits to hiring a business auction service!  Simply put, online auctions have become the preferred method of buying and selling assets, whether it's excess inventory, vehicles, estates or entire businesses. By removing time constraints and travel restrictions, and offering global shipping and local delivery, anyone around the world can bid and win at an online auction 24/7. So what are you waiting for?  Get online now!  The deals are out there!

  • The Move to Online Auctions

    auction liquidation Among the many great things the Internet has provided us is a new level of connectivity among people all over the world. While it used to take weeks, maybe even months, to communicate with people halfway across the globe, we can now do so instantly. We can also buy and sell things internationally, with the click of a button, due to the advent of Internet auctions. There are now many different auction sites online, like auction liquidation sites, that offer a variety of items from different industries, including retail liquidation, real estate liquidation and business liquidation auctions. Liquidation auctions online have many benefits over traditional auctions, including some of the following.

    1. More Exposure - By moving auctions to the Internet, more people have the opportunity to participate. Instead of being confined to a very particular location, auctioning off products online gives you exposure to an international audience. More people can see your products, so the chances of getting multiple bids for them is higher.
    2. Greater Variety - Online auctions also give buyers a greater variety of goods to choose from. Buyers are exposed to products from not only all over the U.S., but also all over the world.
    3. No Time Constraints - The Internet never stops running, and people from all reaches of the globe are connected to it at all different times of the day. This means that people are bidding on and selling products 24/7, lifting the time constraints imposed by traditional auctions. Until the auction ends, buyers can continue to bid whenever is convenient for them
    The move to the Internet has allowed for greater exposure, variety and time for auction buyers and sellers. Because they are so readily available, more people are opting for online auctions than ever before. From auction liquidation sites to retail auction sites, you are bound to find what you are looking for with an online auction.

  • Restaurant Equipment Consignments Needed for our Next Auction! We can Help you get CASH for Your Equipment!

    BCL Auction will buy your restaurant equipment BCL Auction is accepting Consignments Now for our Upcoming Restaurant Equipment Auction. One piece or an entire restaurant, we offer you a simple & very successful solution! Join our happy customers who know how easy & profitable it is to sell with BCL Auction! Contact us today at 314.429.4112 or laura@bclauction.com for details!