*This auction is utilizing the Bidspotter Bidding Platform, so you will need to register for a new bidding number on their website.  We will provide the link as soon as the Catalog is posted for bidding.  Thank you!

Auction Date:
Tuesday, June 4th at 10:30 AM    ** Staggered Closing  Lots do not all close at once! See below.

203 Old Wilson Hill Rd., Greeneville, TN 37745

Inspection Date:
Monday, June 3rd from 11:00AM-3:00PM

Item Removal:
Wednesday, June 5th from  9:00AM-5:00PM
Thursday, June 6th from  9:00AM-4:00PM


Sales Tax: 9.75%
Buyer’s Premium for Cash Purchases: 18%
Buyer’s Premium for Credit Card Purchases: 18% +3% Credit Card Processing Fee

Terms and conditions:


Staggered Closing  Lots do not all close at once! Beginning with Lot 1, lots will close in increments of 1 Lot every 30 seconds. The Closing Time for Lot 1 will be posted at the top of each auction’s page.

Extended Dynamic Closing  If a bid is placed on a Lot within 5 minutes of its’ scheduled closing time, the timer for that lot is automatically extended by 5 minutes to allow all interested bidders the opportunity to continue placing bids for that item. This extended bidding time does not increase the bidding time for any other lots in the auction.


Public Inspection:  All assets will be open to a complete examination to all interested parties during the scheduled Public Inspection Time. If you are uncertain of the condition or use of an item and are not able to attend the Public Inspection,please bid accordingly, as all Sales are Final.

Your Maximum Bid  This Bidding Feature places automatic bids on your behalf, up to the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for the item. Your bid is only increased when another Bidder places a bid higher than your current bid. If a Bidder places a bid higher than your Max Bid, you will lose your position as the Winning Bidder, the system stops placing bids on your behalf, and you are required to enter a new bid if you wish to continue competing for the item.  Note: This Bidding Feature is an efficient tool for Bidders who need to manage multiple bids.

Outbid Notifications END once Lots begin Closing  If you are outbid on an item, you will receive an immediate Outbid Notification email. These notifications keep you updated on the status of the Bids you have placed.  However, once the 1st Lot closes, the system will no longer send these notices. You will be responsible to manually monitor the status of your bids at this time. You may review the status of your bids by clicking ‘Review Bids.’

Bidding Errors  Please review all bids carefully before submitting them. In the event a gross bidding error is made, please contact Bidspotter. We will review the circumstances to see if the bid may be reversed without affecting other participant’s bids on that item.

Invoicing:  Invoices are emailed to all Winning Bidders immediately following the close of the last item in the auction. This emailed Invoice will be the only notification you receive, so please check your inbox when the auction closes. The invoice will contain very important & time sensitive Payment & Item Removal Information, so please read the terms carefully.

Payment Due Immediately Following the Close of the Auction: Unless you notify peggy@bclauction.com by email, your credit card on file will be processed as soon as the auction closes.  Cash, Cashier’s Check, Wire Transfer are due in Full by noon on Tuesday, if you’ve notified us that you’re paying by Cash or Certified funds.

Paid Receipt Pick Up  Please report to the BCL Auction Desk as soon as you arrive to the scheduled Item Removal Time to retrieve your ‘Paid Receipt.’ You must have this receipt in order to retrieve your items.

Buyer’s Premium  This is the industry standard fee that is added to the total purchase amount of your Invoice. It is calculated as follows:
•Invoices paid by Credit Card are calculated with an 18% premium plus 3% Credit Card Processing Fee
*Invoices paid by Cash, Wire Transfer or Certified Funds: 18% premium


Tool & Labor Requirements  Removal shall be at the expense, liability, and risk of the purchaser. Buyer is responsible for all tools and labor required for the safe removal of their items. This includes the safe disconnection, dismantling, moving and removing of the items within the specified times and dates. Purchases will only be released upon presentation of a Paid Receipt and under the supervision of a BCL Auction Team Member.
For their safety, minors will not be allowed in the area where items are being moved, dismantled, disconnected and removed.
*If you are in need of a Rigger, we can provide a list of riggers to you.

Shipping Service Preparation  If you are interested in having your items prepared for shipment, please email robbie@BCLAuction.com with your Bidder Number and the Lot Numbers that you would like shipped, and he will provide an estimate on the cost to prepare your items for shipping by a Carrier that you choose and schedule for pickup within the posted Item Removal Schedule.  It is your responsibility to email the BOL to Robbie before the freight company arrives.  BCL is not responsible for any damages during packaging or shipment.

Firm Item Removal Schedule  Before placing any bids, please make sure you are able to remove your items within the scheduled dates and times. These dates are determined by the Seller or Landlord and BCL Auction does not have the authority to extend or altar these times. Refunds are not given for items not retrieved within the scheduled time frame.

Delinquent Accounts  Buyers will be responsible for all expenses incurred for the transportation, storage and legal expense incurred on behalf of delinquent accounts or abandoned items not removed by the stated deadline.


Sales are Final  All items are sold ‘AS IS and WHERE IS’ with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied. Descriptions and photos are believed to be accurate, but are not guaranteed. Public inspections are open to all interested parties for a complete examination of the assets. If you are uncertain of the condition or use of an item, please bid accordingly.

Refunds are not given for any reason, including but not limited to bidding errors, posting errors, or condition of items. *It is your responsibility to carefully examine and verify material, measurements, color, condition, model number, size and usefulness at the scheduled Public Inspection before placing any online bids.

Buyer’s Liability  Individuals are responsible for the expense incurred for any and all damages to the Seller’s assets or property during the Public Inspection or Item Removal times. Bidder’s credit card on file will be charged for such damages.

Seller’s Rights  The Seller may withdraw an item from an event prior to the auction closing. BCL takes every step necessary to prevent this from happening. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however, BCL assumes no liability or responsibility for decisions made by the Seller. Both auctioneer and seller reserve the right to add, remove, split or combine lots presented, add minimum bids, change closing times, inspection times, removal times, cancel, suspend, extend or reschedule any individual item(s) and/or auction event.  Both Auctioneer and Seller’s liability shall be limited to the refund of the item’s purchase price.  These terms and conditions cannot be altered except in writing by the Auctioneer.

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